Alquézar, a magical town at the foot of the Pyrenees


A medieval village where the winding alleys, the flavours of its gastronomy, and the tolling of the bells, give testimony of another era: Alquézar is a small jewel hidden at the foot of the Huescan Pyrenees and has been declared a Historical-Artistic Zone. Its name comes from the Arab word Al-Qasr, meaning castle, and bears witness to its Islamic past, when the defenders of the town built a castle to protect the access to Barbastro, the capital of the region, located at the foot of the Sierra de Guara Natural Park.

And if the surroundings are beautiful, the town itself is no less so, with its mesmerizing alleys, the radiance of Santa Maria la Mayor Collegiate church, the castle that named it and the windmill dating back to the thirteen century. In the area around the town, the traveller can’t help but being captivated by the beauty of the river Vero canyons routes.